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Here is the contact information for the contractors building the new OUH.

September 2021: The large construction site from the air showing the ring road all the way round the site.

Turnkey contractor: Vidensaksen, Treatment and beds, the four hospital clusters

Contact / Address construction site:

Odense Hospital Project Team JV
C/o Søndre Hospitalsvej 50
5260 Odense S

Contact person:

Tel: +45 53739867

Odense Hospital Project Team JV
C/o Coworking Plus
Kochsgade 31C, 1 sal
5000 Odense C

Turnkey contractor:  Logistics, sterile center, regional warehouse, main kitchen and Steno Diabetes Center

5E Byg A/S

Wichmandsgade 5
5000 Odense C

Contact person

Jesper Ulriksen
Mobile: +45 26 31 00 60