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Grants from the OUH PhD Fund

Up to 12 grants of a one-year stipend may be awarded from the OUH Phd Fund annually.

Overview of grants from the OUH PhD Fund

Name Department Project Round
David Füchtbauer Department of Gastroenterology Gut Fungi in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. A study of the intestinal mycobiome in inflammatory bowel disease and the healthy gut, in collaboration with the NORDTREAT Group. 1
Farima Dalaei Department of Plastic Surgery Patient-reported Outcome in Bariatric and Body Contouring Surgery - a Quality of Life and Cost-Effectiveness Study using the BODY-Q Utility Module 1
Julie Hempel Larsen Department of Cardiology Empagliflozin to elderly and obese patients with cardiovascular disease (EMPIRE II): A randomized controlled trial 1
Lisbeth Birkelund Department of Infectious Diseases The Multilingual Encounter in the Danish Healthcare System 1
Marie Bendix Simonsen Hans Christian Andersen Childrens' Hospital Mothers' milk and fortification for preterm infants 1
Kirstine Nørregaard Hansen Department of Cardiology Ballondilatation og modificerende behandling af koronararteriestenoser forud for implantation af bioresorberbar scaffold Optimal Predilatation Treatment Before Implantation of a Magmaris Bioresorbable Scaffold in Coronary Artery Stenosis (OPTIMIS) 2
Matias Ryding Department of Neurology Induced pluripotent stem cell-derived human neurons to model autoimmune encephalitis 2
Nina Vestergaard Simonsen Department of Plastic Surgery Patient-reported outcome (PRO) in chronic wound patients 2
Sanne Høxbroe Michaelsen Department of ORL - Head & Neck Surgery  Surgeon-performed imaging of the parathyroid glands in a pre- and perioperative setting 2
Thi Tuyet Nhu Do Department of Clinical Genetics Integrated genomic analysis of breast tumors. A possible tool towards reduction of overtreatment 2
Tine Kristensen Department of Endocrinology When Women Become Men: Change in aggression, depression and anxiety following initiation of testosterone therapy in transgender men - a national prospective clinical study 2
Name Department Project Round
Anders Wieghorst Department of Cardiology Brain Test after Cardiac Arrest - Development and Validation of a Digital Screening Tool for Cognitive Deficits after Cardiac Arrest 2
Astrid Skov Midtiby Department of Clinical Genetics Identification of the underlying genetic mechanisms in patients with skeletal dysplasias to improve diagnosis, genetic counseling and patient follow-up 2
Camilla Schade Hansen Emergency Department Sepsis Impact 2
Frederik Nørregaard Pedersen Department of Ophthalmology Diabetic retinopathy as a marker of cognitive dysfunction and depression: a clinical and epidemiological approach 2
Helena Møgelbjerg Ditzel Department of Oncology Prognostic Relevance of Geriatric assessment and Onco-geriatric Screening In cancer patients age Seventy or more: A prospective G8 study 2
Julie Odgaard Vedel OPEN New indicators of BCG vaccination programme performance related to better child health: BCG coverage at 1 month and BCG scar assessment at 6 months as possible replacements for coverage at 12 months 2
Ann-Maria Gramkow Department of Nephrology Monitoring of renal transplant patients by use of complement factors, kidney-specific methylated cellfree DNA, Torque Teno Virus and epitope matching 1
Bilal El-Masri Department of Pathology Cellular and biomechanical mechanisms involved in activation of osteoclastic bone resorption 1
Egle Kavaliunaite Department of Thoracic, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery The Hunt for a Medical Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms -adipose derived stem cells 1
Jannik Hjortshøj Larsen Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology Translating Genetic Risk of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm into Valuable Mechanistic Knowledge 1
Louise Linde Department of Cardiology Extracorporeal Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - from translational science to clinical practice 1
Sólja Fríða Thorleifsson Department of Haematology Drug resistance in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia 1
Name Department Project Round
Iben Have Beck Hans Christian Andersen Childrens' Hospital Prenatal and early life PFAA exposure; impact on neurodevelopment in 1.5- to 7-year-old children in Odense Child Cohort 4
Katrine Holtz Thorhauge Department of Gastroenterology Biomarkers and patient characteristics to predict changes in alcohol-related liver disease over time 4
Michael Tveden Gundesen Department of Haematology Treatment and Monitoring of the Bone Disease in Multiple Myeloma Patients 4
Jorun Holm Department of Nuclear Medicine RE-PRISMA Recurrent and Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Impact of 18F-PSMA-1007 PET/CT on clinical decision making and response monitoring 3
Kirsten Hyrlov Department of Neurology A translational approach to identify molecules related to remyelination in multiple sclerosis 3
Mikkel Christian Schou Andersen Department of Neurosurgery Meningiomas and their surrounding tissue - Proteomics, epigenetics and selective progesterone modulation 3
Casper Falster Department of Respiratory Medicine Point-of-care ultrasound for hemodynamically stable patients with suspected pulmonary embolism - an ultra sound clinical tool? 2
Jesper Dupont Ewald Department of Pathology Neurotrophic factor-mediated chemoresistance in glioblastoma 2
Lene Nygaard Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics The FAMKO project - Early intervention to support wellbeing of vulnerable women and their children 2
Luke Beagan Department of Orthopaaedics and Traumatology The antibacterial and immunomodulatory effects of Fucoidan and Vancomycin implant coatings - in small and large animal models of prosthetic joint infection 1
Nikolaj Mannering Department of Haematology On adverse outcomes in immune thrombocytopenia - a population-based cohort study 1
Philip Rask Lage Hansen Department of Rheumatology Can unexplained pain in rheumatoid arthritis be explained? 1