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d) Other purposes to further collaboration with international hospitals and researchers including activities in Denmark with an international scope (provisional while restrictions on travel activities due to COVID-19).

Financial support may be granted to other purposes which will increase collaboration with researchers and clinicians at international hospitals and research institutions.


With the aim of developing international research networks and/or developing diagnostic methods and methods for treatment including, for example, prevention, assessment, diagnosis, care, follow-up, rehabilitation, and palliation it is possible to apply for financial support for visits from international researchers and clinicians. 


  • Activities related to attracting international researchers.
  • Activities related to drawing up applications for funding in collaboration with international researchers.
  • Activities in Denmark with an international scope (provisional opportunity while restrictions on travel activities due to COVID-19).

Restrictions are imposed on some travel activities and destinations due to COVID-19. As an alternative to travel to and from Denmark, it has been decided that researchers and clinicians may apply the OUH Internationalisation Fund for activities in Denmark with and international scope e.g.:

  • Inviting researchers living in Denmark to prepare participation in international research projects or research conferences.
  • Arrange research workshops with international online participation of a maximum of 25 participants in Denmark.
  • Hosting webinars with international adjunct professors at OUH/SDU or other relevant international collaborators.

Funding for activities in Denmark with an international scope will cease when COVID-19 no longer has a significant impact on travel activities.

In all cases, activities must demonstrate an obvious opportunity for increasing the rate of development, research volume, and quality for the benefit of patient treatment.

Requirements for applicants

  • Applications may be submitted by all levels of researchers and clinicians affiliated to OUH. In addition to clinicians employed at OUH, researchers in a combined position between OUH and SDU, the affiliation may also be defined as researchers referring to a head of research at a clinical department at OUH.

Eligible costs

  • Costs related to the activities applied for
  • For the provisional “Activities in Denmark with an international scope” the following applies:
    • Travel and hotel expenses for up to 25 participants for domestic travelling (in Denmark only) according to the current circular for business travel
    • Catering for an amount within reason for the particular activity
    • Expenses for technical staff (TAP) contributing with technical assistance for online meetings or webinars
    • A maximum of DKK 75.000 may be applied

Non eligible costs

  • Expenses already defrayed, i.e. the application must concern future expenses

The OUH Research Support offers instructions on how to draw up a budget. If you request assistance, please contact

Assessment criteria

Applications are being assessed according to the abovementioned objectives and requirements.

How to submit an application

You must submit your application via email to stating “Application for the OUH Internationalisation Fund” and name of the applicant in the subject field and enclose the following appendices: 

  • Completed application form d) Other purposes to further collaboration with international hospitals and researchers. (Available for download from the OUH Intranet, only accessible for OUH employees. Choose "Ansøgningsskemaer til Internationaliseringspuljen" and download form d)
  • Project description of a maximum of two pages including description of
    • Purpose and activities
    • How OUH will benefit from the applied activities
  • CV for applicant and any other involved researchers or clinicians
  • Specified budget
  • For the provisional “Activities in Denmark with an international scope,” please add
    • a description of which activities the participating researchers or clinicians will perform
    • which research area(s) the activities will support
    • an approval of the applied activities from both the head of department and head of head research at OUH.

Your application must be written in English or Danish.

You will receive a confirmation by email regarding receipt of your application.

Applications which fail to comply with the above formalities will not be considered.

Assessment procedure

The submitted applications will be reviewed by the assessment committee for The OUH Internationalisation Fund.

All applicants will receive notice of the outcome of the application approximately two weeks after confirmation of receipt of the application except in the month of July, weeks 7, 42, 52 and over Easter.

Questions and contact information

Please forward questions to