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Call for deficit guarantee for planning of international conferences and congresses.

Running application deadline

Proposals for a deficit guarantee for the planning of international conferences and congresses are invited.


Odense University Hospital (OUH) wants to underline the importance of attracting more Danish and  international scientific conferences to Southern Denmark and has decided to dedicate DKK 1M a year  for a deficit warranty for scientific conferences and congresses.

Requirements for applicants

All employees at OUH are eligible applicants.

Please note that the host department of the conference or congress is required to contact Forskerservice ( ) in Economy and Planning in order to make an agreement about the administration of the event by opening a project account in the financial system, and that all in- and outgoing transactions regarding the congress will be made from this account.

Please notice that in the event of any surplus from the congress/conference that has been granted a deficit guarantee beforehand, the surplus must be allocated at OUH after the congress/conference.

Eligible costs

  • Guarantee for coverage of expenses for hosting an international conference or congress
  • The deficit guarantee may make up to DKK 500 for each participant, however no more than 20 percent of the budget for the event.

How to submit an application

You must submit your application by e-mail to  with the following content:

  • A description of the purpose of the conference. 
    Herein please describe OUH’s role in the conference and how OUH will benefit from it. This could e.g. be a promotion of the OUH facilities, extra focus on OUH’s  areas of research etc.
  • A description of the conference
    If possible, please enclose a programme for the conference or congress.
  • A balanced budget drawn up in Excel showing income and expenses. Please note that
    • budget items are excluding VAT
    • tenders for elements and activities in the budget must be invited so that each budget item states realistic costs. Please attach the tenders to the application.
    • If other organizations are financially involved in the conference, please include a detailed budget for the entire conference if possible and state which part of the budget the deficit guarantee is applied for. Please notice that the deficit guarantee is only available to cover any possible deficit for for OUH's part of the budget. 
  • A plan for press coverage
  • Approval from the head of department

Your application must be written in Danish or English.

Assessment procedure

If Forskerservice has approved the budget, the OUH director in charge of research will make the final decision regarding the application.
All applicants will receive notice of the outcome of the application approximately two weeks after having submitted the application. However, assessment process may be delayed during periods of official Holidays.


Destination Fyn offers assistance in planning international conferences in Southern Denmark:

  • Guidance on facilities, hotels, social events, transportation, marketing of the conference, etc.
  • Inviting tenders and guidance in budgeting
  • Making presentations and tenders and drawing up the best possible solution for your particular conference
  • Planning visits for decision makers to facilities and possibilities in the region
  • Presentation of tenders and Southern Denmark for decision makers in Denmark and abroad
  • Participation in coordinating meetings regarding planning in Denmark and abroad
  • Contact to local authorities and collaborators in Southern Denmark

Questions and contact information

Please forward questions to .